Saturday, January 23, 2010

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

You're welcome!

Most probably you have read The Secret book or watched the
movie, and you're looking for ways to make the law of
attraction and manifestation work for you. Some people have
watched the movie or read the book several times and are
still finding some strings missing in utilizing the concept to
manifest abundance in their lifes. If you are one them you've
come to the right place.

I've watched the movie several times too, and I've been
greatly fascinated about how the concept of the law of
attraction and manifestation can be utilized to acquire
whatever one wants in life. The law seemed simple. You
only think about what you want and it will just happen to
you. I've come to realise that it is not that simple. That I've
got to go through some steps before it happen as I want it to
happen - I've to get rid of some obstructive thinkings that
have been stucked in my mind. Actually there are people
who could just think about something and get it. But for some
it's not that simple. The difference between the two people is
that the former had gotten rid of their obstructive thinkings.

In order to get rid of the obstructive thinkings (tagged
stinkin thinking by Zig Ziglar) I needed to delve deeper into
the concept. The book and movie were good eye openers and
introductions. They brought the attention to the world. I
needed to go beyond that. What I learnt was to take further
steps into mastering the art of manifestating whatever I want.
The steps are provided in a knowledge put together by one of
the people behind the book and movie.

The knowledge is called Secret Behind The Secret, and is
exactly what anybody who wants to learn all the mechanics
and applications of the law of attraction and manifestation
needs. In order to remove the obstructive thinkings which is
the principal factor that hinders manifestations through the
law of attraction The Secret Behind The Secret provide
solution to why things don't manifest and how your mind can
be cleansed of negative thinkings.

We are aware of how people have created successful lifes for
themselves. They have acquired abundance in all aspects of
their lifes - health, wealth, joy partners, longevity. Whereas
some other people are still manifesting scarcity, ill health,
unhappiness. What's the demarcation line? It's how you think
and what you believe.

We need to move beyond all frustrations in our attempts to
manifest what we want and if you have any frustrations in
this area take my recommendations to be capable of changing
your thinkings to positive ones, by completely removing all
negative and preventive thinkings.

Happy manifesting.